Hello everyone, I would like to share my experience with my double eyelid surgery. I had my surgery with an oculoplastic surgeon, the specialist for eye surgery.

Like many Asians, I have single eyelids and narrow eyes which makes them look like a straight line. To be honest, I don’t really mind that myself, but other people often tell me that I look sleepy all the time. So often that it starts to affect my self-confidence. When I take photos, I will try open my eyes widely. Doing that every single time is really annoying for me. So, I think I’ll just go with surgery.

Before surgery: My eyes when I took a photo

I tried searching for information, using my medical student status to an advantage I can access some in-depth information about eye surgery. I learned that just making a crease (which is common technique for double eyelid surgery) cannot get you permanent results. I don’t want to redo it every 4-5 years so I look for other options instead. Then, my brother who works here at Naravee Clinic recommends Dr.Jun for me. He said she’s one of the best and most renowned oculoplastic surgeon in Thailand. I went for a consultation with her and was told that if I want permanent results I will need an operation on a muscle layer.

I was content with her detailed and honest explanation and I decided to do it on the same day. We talked about the look I desired as she did her markings with the pen. She’s willing to listen about what her patient wants and will explain the possibility and the details of what needs to be done.

I think it took a few hours before the operation finished. After that, she told me to use the cold pack to relieve the pain and swelling for an hour and then I can go home. Immediately after the operation, I can see my eyes are not reddish or swell too much compare to other reviews I have seen on the internet. I believe it’s better to do surgery with someone who’s a specialist in that field. The result says it all.

Few Days after Surgery


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