Hi, I’m Fiona. I have done my Rhinoplasty with dermis graft at Naravee Clinic.

At first, all I want to have is normal rhinoplasty but after I did my research I have known that there are many kinds of nose surgery. I come across Naravee website, I was intrigue by the 6-month warranty they are offering. I keep looking through the site and see a lot of before-and-after pictures. I decide that I will book an appointment and have a consultation.

While I’m doing my consultation with doctor I have asked him everything I want to know about the nose surgery and he answer them all. He said that the surgery I will have is rhinoplasty with dermis graft.
He said it’s the best way to do it so that we can prevent or decrease the risk of perforation, and since they do have a 6-month warranty for the surgery and I would like to have the value for my money so I go for the safer option.

It only took me an hour before the surgery ended and I was able to went home right after the surgery. And seeing the result after few days, I am happy and I love my new nose.





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