Hi I’m Nong, I have done my nose surgery at Naravee clinic and this is my journey.

If you ask why I have it done, it’s because I’m not confident with my nose. I felt that my nose bridge is not high enough. I have done my research and also fair share of asking question. Then, my friend told me she had her nose surgery done at Naravee Clinic. She told me so many things about the nose surgery; what is to expect and also her experience and how the staff of Naravee Clinic taking good care of her. After hearing her story I checked the website of the Clinic and found the Doctors profile and I was impressed. So from that point in time I decide I will book an appointment.


This is me before surgery.

After contacting them through email they asked me to send some of my photo for Doctors reference and they are quick in replying and also answering my questions so I feel secured that the staff in clinic I’m dealing with is knowledgeable. After few exchange of email we come to the point about the confirmation of my appointment. I’m so excited because I know something good will happen.

Consultation Day!

I arrived at Naravee Clinic excited in the sense that this is the time I will say goodbye to my old nose! The clinic is very posh and sophisticated looking and what I like about it is it’s easy to find. Just 5 mins ride from BTS Udomsuk station. The staff offer me a drink and asked me to sit down to wait for a couple of minutes. Then I hear the staff says “this is Dr. Ronachai” and I saw the Doctor all smiles while shaking my hand and ask me to sit. I remember he asked me “Are you ok you look tense” and I told him what I feel and he reassure me that everything will be fine and I feel a quick relief. So the consultation continue I did asked him all the questions I have in mind and he answer it in the way I can understand. He even show me a sample of the implant he will use for my nose. Then I decide I want to do the procedure same day.

Surgery Time!

After the consultation, Doctor told me what will going to happen inside the operating room and I feel so secure and confident that everything will be fine. I really appreciate the staff who is assisting me because I clearly remember when we are having are small talk while waiting for the Doctor for my consultation “I will be with you all the way from start to finish.” So the staff accompany me to the Operating Room and after an hour the surgery was done. I feel little to no pain and I was really surprised because it’s quick. I did not get the chance see my nose after the surgery because bandage was in place but the Doctor and the staff reassure me that everything is okay and it’s pretty.

Day 1

As you can see my nose looks better but still swelling and I ask the staff when will the swelling gone and they just told me in a week’s time and they give me instructions on how I can reduce it.

Day 3

As you can see my nose got big because of the swelling, I was alarmed and call the staff right away. They informed me that it’s normal and it’s really included with the process. I decide to wait and see.

Day 30

Hello Nose Bridge!


Day 90
I can really say I did the right choice to go with Naravee Clinic.

Hello new me!




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