Hi I’m Cindy. I have done my nose job at Naravee Clinic and I’m so happy with the result I got and this is my journey.


I have a flat nose growing up which I really don’t like. I was bullied because of this and I promise to myself that one day I will do everything to have it changed. One day I asked my parents if I can undergo cosmetic surgery and good thing they are very supportive and let me.

I research about different shapes of nose because I want to make my nose to have a high tip and also bridge. So I went to Google and I still remember what I type on the search bar “different surgery website”. I have seen a lot of result but one thing that caught my eyes and that is Naravee Clinic. I checked their website and saw a lot of before and after photos. They’re so beautiful so I go and book my consultation appointment.

On my consultation day, I was so amazed because the clinic is bigger than what I expected and the staff are so friendly. They also have English speaking staff so I don’t have any problems communicating.

After a few minutes, one of the staff called me and took me to the Doctor to have my consultation. He asked me what I’m expecting so I gave him the details. He said is he can do what I want (and that’s make me happy, that point in time I’m so excited to do the surgery), but he told me that it will only possible with tip dermis graft. Then he did explain to me what will happen and he just want to reduce the risk of breakage on my nose area. He said it is for the safety.

I go along with his recommendation because I know I’m in good hands. I decided to do surgery the same day. I was awake the whole operation but there was little to no pain at all.

After the surgery what I found that the swelling is the most annoying part but the staff in the clinic always tell me we need to experience this and swelling is normal during the healing process.


After few days the swelling’s gone and I saw the nose I dreamed of and it is perfect. I always tell to my friends that Naravee Clinic is a very good clinic and it was the right choice to have my nose job there.

My New & Beautiful Nose


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