I had my first nose job when I was 19. I really like the shape, but after the swelling subsided my nose was almost the same as before. I wasn’t quite happy with that so I decided to have another surgery.
My friend suggested Naravee Clinic to me. I talked to the salesperson and she was very nice and attentive to my needs. I’d say that’s one of the reason I decided to come here.
I mentioned to them that that I wanted my tip to be a bit more turned-up. Then, I had a consultation with the doctor. He said my nose is very small to begin with and there’s not much skin to support the silicone, but it is still possible to reshape the tip. I agreed to do the surgery with him days later.
It’s important that you follow the instructions of the staff, like eating low-sodium foods, no alcohol drinking, sleeping with head elevated.

1-3 days post-op: My nose is still swelling, but no bruises.

After 4 days, the swelling starts to subside. Then, by one week, my nose is already in shape.
I am happy with the result and fast recovery time. I’d like to thank the doctor and Naravee staff for helping me.



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