Why Cosmetic Surgery Thailand Is Getting So Popular?

Update 16/09/2018


Thailand – a country which was once regarded as the "the land of smiles" has gradually become a hub of plastic surgery, thanks to the obsession of Thai people, particularly Thai women who like to look good at all times. While the obsession to look good is universal and women of all ages and nationalities share the same zeal, the impulse is stronger in Thailand and as a result there is a high concentration of good cosmetic surgery Thailand clinics/hospitals and highly-trained cosmetic surgeons in the country.

Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is not new to this part of the world, soon after the country witnessed a currency collapse in 1977; the Thai Government decided to pursue a new tourism policy and pushed tourism officials to market the country as the best place for plastic surgery. Within a matter of years, the country became famous for its inexpensive sex-change cosmetic operations. Slowly but surely, the number of medical tourists looking for inexpensive sex-change cosmetic procedures grew and this pushed the Thai government to pump more money into this sector and build better hospitals/clinics and provide better training opportunities to their doctors. As a result of all these efforts, Thailand now has emerged as one of the most sought-after destination spots for all types of cosmetic as well as non-cosmetic surgical procedures. Today, it is not only the Thai men and women who are taking advantage of the cosmetic surgery Thailand clinics/hospitals, a vast number of foreigners looking for various cosmetic surgery treatments are also flocking to Thailand. It is not only the quality and easily availability of these cosmetic surgery procedures that is attracting millions of foreigners to this part of the world; it is the cost factor that is turning the tide in favor of Thailand.

You do not have to be extra rich to travel to Thailand for aesthetic surgery, a normal person who is able to afford a home, a car, and has a stable income source can visit this part of the world and at the same time seek some aesthetic improvements. The quality of cosmetic surgery you will receive in Thailand is no less than the quality that you find in many top cosmetic/plastic surgery hospitals/clinics of the world. Most of the cosmetic surgery Thailand clinics/hospitals are accredited by a well-reputed accreditation agency and the cosmetic surgeons working in these hospitals/clinics are also highly qualified and well-trained in their respective fields. You will be surprised to know that Asia's first hospital – the Bumrungrad International Hospital, which is accredited by Joint Commission International (JCI) – the most prestigious accreditation body, is also located in Thailand. In addition to that, there are more than 50 cosmetic surgery Thailand clinics/hospitals that have now achieved this accreditation, and this shows how serious the Thai government, the Thai people, and the Thai cosmetic surgeons are about the quality of the various cosmetic surgery procedures that they offer.

No wonder why a lot of foreigners consider Thailand the best place for cosmetic surgery procedures. 

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