When Can I Start Exercising After A Tummy Tuck?

Update 16/09/2018


After a tummy tuck, otherwise known as an abdominoplasty, not many people are willing to sit still. Indeed, a lot of people lead busy lives and are unable to completely ‘slow down’ after having cosmetic surgery in Thailand. However, you must follow your surgeon’s instructions and this involves doing as little as possible during the first 2 weeks after the procedure. This is a great time to relax and enjoy what Thailand has to offer.

Low Impact Activity
After 2 weeks, it is best to start slowly; this means walking slowly on a flat surface. Once you get to the 4-6 week mark, it is time to begin low impact aerobic activity. However, there can be a delay in the recovery process if the tummy tuck procedure involves repair of the muscle or if a hernia is present. The best option here is to ‘test’ your sutures so brisk walking is a sensible choice until you are 8 weeks removed from the date of your surgery.

Please note that there is really no way to heal much faster while overactivity can set you back a number of weeks. Here is a simple recovery timescale:
•    Weeks 1-2: Complete rest.
•    Weeks 3-4: Slow walk on flat surface.
•    Weeks 5-6: Low impact aerobics which can include incline walking and recumbent bike.
•    Weeks 6-10: Full aerobic activity such as running, spinning, swimming and stair climbing.
•    Weeks 11-18: High intensity activity can be slowly added along with resistance exercise and weight training.

You should not look to do direct abdominal training for up to 3 months after surgery; this includes sit ups and crunches. Recovering from a tummy tuck is a long process and the process varies depending on the individual. However, the results from your cosmetic surgery in Thailand will be well worth it.

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