What Is The Difference Between Aesthetic & Reconstructive Surgery?

Update 16/09/2018


It is common for members of the general public to assume that cosmetic and plastic surgery in Thailand are one and the same. In reality, there is a distinctive difference between the two and we examine this below.

What Is Cosmetic Surgery In Thailand?

It is a form of surgery designed to alter your body’s appearance or shape even when there is no medical condition present. Examples of this would include liposuction as the patient is typically looking to lose weight and improve their general appearance. This form of surgery is erroneously called ‘vanity’ surgery and those who attach this moniker to such procedures are unaware of the profound psychological change it can lead to.

There is a major link between body image and self esteem and a procedure such as a facelift in Thailand can affect this relationship in a positive manner.

What Is Plastic Surgery In Thailand?

This generally refers to reconstructive surgery used to treat a medical condition that has resulted in an abnormal change to the patient’s body shape or appearance. This may include skin grafts or reconstruction after cancer. Procedures such as breast reduction surgery also fall under this category as it is normally performed as a means of treating chronic back pain.

Generally speaking, insurance companies will cover the cost of plastic surgery in Thailand but you will need to pay for cosmetic surgery yourself since insurers don’t deem such procedures to be ‘medically necessary’.

When seeking the right surgeon in Thailand, make sure they are qualified to perform the right procedures. There are many more cosmetic surgeons than reconstruction surgeons and it is a mistake to book a reconstructive procedure with a surgical team that is only qualified to perform cosmetic procedures. Always check and make sure your surgeon has the right qualifications.

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