What Are The Downsides Of Cosmetic Surgery?

Update 16/09/2018


As one of the leading providers of cosmetic surgery in Thailand, we have an obligation to provide some balance so in this blog post, we will analyze the downsides of having a surgical procedure of this nature.

Medical Risk

Despite the significant improvements in the field, cosmetic procedures are still ‘surgeries’ for the most part and carry the associated risks. Common risks include nerve damage, bleeding, bruising in the surgical area and tissue death. Other complications include deep vein thrombosis and blood clots. Obviously, the more qualified the surgeon and the more professional the clinic, the lower the risk.

Side Effects

Even with the best surgeons it is possible to experience some unforeseen side effects. You may end up with unsightly scarring known as ‘hypertrophic’ scars which are red, thick and obvious.

If you have work done on your face, it will be almost impossible to hide the swelling and bruising although with modern advancements, the recovery period is much shorter than it once was. There is also a chance that you won’t be pleased with the final result.


Experienced surgeons such as those at the Naravee Aesthetic Center can often spot the symptoms associated with patients who are addicted to cosmetic surgery. However, there are less scrupulous surgeons who will happily take the money off an individual with body dysmorphic disorder which is morally wrong.

Individuals with this condition see ‘flaws’ in their appearance and immediately look to have surgery to ‘fix’ it. Unfortunately, the addiction leads to the type of behavior seen with other addictions; namely a ‘by any means necessary’ attitude when it comes to getting the money which may lead to criminal activity.

The above are unfortunate truths about cosmetic surgery but in our vast experience; the good far outweighs the bad; especially when the procedures are performed by a team of experts.




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