Recovering From Liposuction

Update 16/09/2018


Liposuction is one of the procedures you can have done at Naravee Aesthetic Clinic. As you might expect, there is a period of recovery after liposuction, but some of the things you should do during the recovery may not be what you would expect when it comes to post-op recovery.

While most surgeries tend to require patients to not do too much excessive movement for the first couple of days after the surgery, it is actually better to get up and walk around the same day after having liposuction. This can help prevent blood clots from forming. If, for whatever reason, you find it difficult to walk around the same day as you had the surgery, then you should at least make attempts to get up and walk around the day after the surgery.

If you exercise on a regular basis, liposuction should not prevent you from exercising for too long. Again, with liposuction, it is better to move around after the surgery instead of lying in bed to recover. You should be able to start your exercise routines up again either one or two days after the surgery, though you shouldn’t do your full exercise routine, as you are still recovering from surgery. However, doing some of your routine and slowly working your way back to your full routine over the course of several days should be fine.

In terms of swelling, how long it lasts typically depends on whether incisions are closed with stitches or not. If they are not, then swelling tends to be almost completely gone after about a month. For incisions that are closed with stitches, swelling can take two to three months to go away. Ultrasonic assisted liposuction results in swelling lasting the longest, as it can take over three months before the swelling even begins to go down. Of course, it’s possible that even with no stitches, swelling can last beyond the typical timeline. If that should occur, talk with your doctor about possible treatment options to try and help reduce the swelling, and to make sure that there is not something like an infection developing.



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