Questions To Ask Before Choosing A Plastic Surgeon In Thailand

Update 16/09/2018


You have probably heard lots of positive things about plastic surgery in Thailand; the combination of world class facilities and low prices is an alluring one but this doesn’t mean you should choose the first clinic you find. Read on to discover the critical questions to ask before making a cosmetic surgery commitment.

Should I Have Plastic Surgery?
If you believe there is a physical issue holding you back in terms of confidence and even achievement, you need to determine if it’s something that bothers you daily. In the event you don’t constantly think about having plastic surgery, maybe the issue isn’t as big as you think? Never have plastic surgery because you broke up with your boyfriend, lost your job or any other frivolous reason. At the Naravee Aesthetic Clinic, we encourage responsible behavior among our clients.

What Are My Expectations?
While a skilled plastic surgeon can make a real difference to your physical appearance, he does not possess a magic wand. Beware clinics that promise seemingly impossible results as they want your money! Responsible clinics speak with patients about the surgery and outline the likely results without resorting to exaggerated claims.

How Much Do I Know About The Procedure?
Remember, plastic surgery is a major procedure and will alter your appearance; it is not something to be entered into lightly nor should you be uneducated about its effects. While you can do some research online, it is always a good idea to consult with a licensed surgeon to ensure you have not gathered incorrect information.

Who Is The Best Surgeon For Me?
A shocking but true fact about plastic surgeons in western countries like England is that they are not always specialists in their fields. For example, a rhinoplasty expert may end up performing a breast implant! This is never the case in Thailand where each surgeon has a specific specialty. However, you still need a board-certified surgeon with lots of experience who has studied overseas and regularly takes refresher courses to expand his already impressive level of knowledge.

Clearly, there are many more things you should ask yourself before having plastic surgery in Thailand but the above queries are a good place to start.

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