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Update 16/09/2018


Recently I saw a short documentary about proposed future where mankind is obsessed with cybernetic implants and where being normal (due to not having enough money or being incompatible to the implants for whatever reason) made them ineligible and so they were then seen as a social outcast.  This got me thinking about plastic surgery in Thailand and how machines are becoming more and more involved in the overall way of how we humans end up looking and projecting ourselves to others.

This does not means that there will soon be robots in every hospital but it does emphasise just how much we are human beings are allowing ourselves to be cut up and sliced and diced all in the name of looking younger when we all end up dying anyway and I have never seen any skeleton with a facelift but then maybe I am just looking in the wrong kind of places.
Either way we really should value our skin but that does not mean that plastic surgery in Thailand is useless.  Far from it, just try not to go too overboard with it as it is fine to have a few minor corrections but to go all out and have a completely new body or face made up is entirely over the top if you are asking me of my opinion.  If plastic surgery ever became so ingrained in to society that it was mainstream then I would be someone who would really appreciate the beauty and honesty of real skin.  So if you are ever considering plastic surgery in Thailand have fun and enjoy it but try not to go too over the top and you will be soon on the way to a brand new looking you.



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