Plastic Surgery in Bangkok – The third gender gets one true voice

Update 16/09/2018


Thailand is home to what is known as ‘the third gender’, people who are men trapped in women’s bodies and vice-versa.  These kind of people feel trapped and confused and are often unhappy with their life and that has lead to a rise in plastic surgery in Bangkok for those wishing to have a sex change and who want to be the gender that they always though they should be.  This does come with some social stigma as transgender have always been looked down upon in society and in Thailand this is no different but this is something where they can learn from the West where the rise of LGBT advocates and same sex marriages are paving the way for a new kind of family unit to be produced.

Of course this is not without its opposition. Many people and groups are livid at this sort of behavior and it may explain why many people are travelling to Thailand to have plastic surgery in Bangkok so that they can finally become the person they have always wanted without all the social bullying that is associated with this sort of behavior back in their home country. Thailand and the plastic surgery procedures it promotes is leading the way in transgender surgical procedures in Thailand and word is getting around as more and more people are seeing the benefit of plastic surgery in Bangkok for all kinds of procedures, not just the ones that have been mentioned here.
With the rise in popularity for plastic surgery in Bangkok for all kinds of reasons and procedures you can be sure that Thailand itself will be benefitting from this boom in medical tourism and there has never been a better time to take a trip and look forward to a whole brand new you.



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