Nose Surgery: Potential Side Effects

Update 16/09/2018



At Naravee, we have surgeons who specialize in nose surgery and augmentation. We understand how self-conscious people feel and how a simple procedure can change their life for the better. Successful surgery will result in your nose being reshaped in a way that promotes a higher degree of self-confidence. We also perform nose surgery to improve a patient’s breathing.

Before having nose surgery , our surgeons will ensure that you’re ready for the procedure. We recommend that teenagers avoid the procedure for a few years and we will never perform any operation on a patient that does not satisfy our health requirements. Those having nose surgery Thailand should have a specific goal in mind which we can help you achieve. Finally, smokers are not encouraged to have this procedure.

Although Naravee have a perfect record when it comes to surgery, we are obliged to inform you of issues that may arise after the surgery. For example, common side effects include bleeding, infection and potential hematoma. None of these problems are serious and all can be dealt with by our expert surgeons.

Nose surgery Thailand is a significant procedure and each patient will have their own individual side effects. For example, you may feel a degree of pain afterwards because your nasal cartilage and bone has been altered. Generally, medication can be prescribed to soothe this pain.

You may experience swelling around the nose and eyes. Again, this is quite common and can last for up to 2 weeks. Expect to have bruising around this area for a number of days afterwards. You must have patience because the final, noticeable changes made by nose surgery may take up to 6 months to fully appear. At Naravee, our surgeons will ensure that your side effects will be kept to a minimum. Besides, what’s a few weeks of recovery compared to a lifetime of having a nose to be proud of?



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