New Non-Surgical Face Lift Acculift Procedure Now At Naravee

Update 16/09/2018


"Say goodbye to your wrinkles without Surgery" at Naravee Asthetic Center.

One of the first areas of the body to begin to show the signs of aging is the face.  Deep wrinkles, fatty deposits under the skin, sagging jowls and cheeps often begin to appear.  The effects of age can be compounded by the environment and gravity.  A facelift is one of the top five plastic surgery procedures done in the United States today.  However, many candidates for this procedure are less willing to accept the risks and costs of this invasive procedure.  One of the newer options is the non-traditional Acculift facelift.  This procedure is less invasive, less time consuming, has fewer risks and usually costs much less than the traditional facelift.

The Acculift procedure is performed in an outpatient setting and usually takes about an hour and a half.  Local anesthesia is used, lessening risks associated with a general anesthesia.  Four to six small incisions are made where tightening or lifting is required in the neck area.  The patented AccuSculpt 1444 laser is used.  The board certified plastic surgeon inserts the tiny laser fiber and uses the 1444nm wavelength to emulsify, or remove the fat.  This also heats the skin and provides an instant lift. The fatty deposits are removed and the sagging skin is tightened.  Each of the incisions is closed with a single small suture.

Patients may notice some minimal, temporary bruising associated with the Acculift procedure, but the recovery time is still quite a bit less than what is required after a traditional facelift.  Most patients respond well, and the results are immediate.  If you have been considering facelift surgery, it is a good time to look into the Acculift facelift procedure.
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