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Update 16/09/2018


Naravee Aesthetic Center offers its patients a wide range of cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. From the simple to the complex, Naravee has it covered. Rejuvenating and anti-aging treatments, through a variety of methods, are available for those seeking enhance their skin. Liposuction Thailand including Hi-Def liposuction, a technologically advanced method of removing unwanted superficial and deep fat from the body is one of the more popular and less invasive cosmetic procedures is also on the center’s staggeringly varied menu. Implants breast, chin, pectoral, and buttock, among others are also popular choices for many patients, both male and female. 

World-class doctors and facilities await patients who have already booked an appointment, and first-rate staff and technicians await your questions and concerns with encyclopedic knowledge of each of the center’s procedures, from a sex change to a rhinoplasty. Procedures are often non-invasive and require little if any recovery time for more complex operations, recovery may be necessary, but patients will be in the care of physicians and pharmacists who will stop at nothing to ensure the safety and comfort of their wards. 
Breast augmentation Thailand, lifts, and reduction is another invariably popular procedure that is offered at Naravee. Under the care of its internationally trained physicians, patients are able to choose from an extraordinarily wide variety of augmentations that require only small amounts of recovery time, and will be left with plenty of time to enjoy beautiful Bangkok. 
Eyelid procedures, often called blepharoplasty, are an increasingly sought-after procedure at Naravee, especially with its Asian patients. With its short operation duration and minimal aftercare, blepharoplasty is often an easy decision for many patients looking for a “double-lidded” eye. 
Whatever you’re looking for, Naravee is almost sure to possess the capability to satisfy your cosmetic needs, leaving you looking and feeling your absolute best. 
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