Liposuction Thailand – Soldiering on

Update 16/09/2018


Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures performed worldwide and is also one of the safest.  There was an interesting story in the media recently of a British citizen who wanted to join the army but was overweight to start with.  After hard work and exercise they dropped a significant amount of weight to be accepted but they wanted liposuction to remove the sagging fat that was left and was visible.

Sadly the NHS in the UK declined to help which means that after all the hard work the young man was unable to achieve his dream of joining the army and serving his country and this sends out all the wrong signals.  This is a definite case for medical tourism and having had the liposuction in Thailand.  Not only would it be much cheaper (it was declined because it was too costly on the NHS) but the young man would have had plenty of choices of nice beaches to relax on also.
I commend the young man for all his hard work and effort in wanting to change his weight and be lighter in order to achieve his dream and it goes to show that whilst liposuction in Thailand is a great idea you also need exercise as well to round off the entire process and to allow for your new look to fully shine and come through and so I am hoping the young man will be allowed to join the army after all the hard work he undertook to get there, he definitely deserves a chance to defend his country as he has already more than enough shown what he is made of and for that I congratulate him and wish him all the best and hope that any other young army hopefuls can learn from this determined young man.



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