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Update 16/09/2018


If you have ever thought of having plastic surgery if you knew you would get it at half the price of what the normal price is, chances are you would jump at such an opportunity. And that's exactly what many people, men and women, from western countries and other countries are doing. Thousands of people flock overseas to Thailand for a quick nip and a tuck and even a holiday to recuperate. Some of these procedures are life changing to the person concerned.

This is known as medical tourism. It is so popular, so sought after that it is having quite an impact on healthcare across the world. Today plastic surgery Thailand is leading the world when it comes to medical tourism.  Just imagine you need a hip replacement.  In some western countries, you can wait for up to a year. But imagine getting that same procedure in Thailand, in the week you arrive, plus you stay an exotic holiday destination while recovering.  A top initiative of Thailand since 2004 has been to make it a ‘medical oasis’. They have used government monies to promote the best state of the art healthcare systems to attract foreign visitors and patients. This plan has turned out to be highly successful, bringing in billions every year. Waiting periods are cut making it highly attractive for westernised countries and Middle Eastern patients that have been shunned by visa restrictions are finding Thailand the perfect destination for plastic surgery procedures.
Many excellent clinics and hospitals have arisen to keep up with the demand and it critical to select the right surgeon and the right clinic for the magnificent life changing and beautiful results. Such a clinic is the Naravee Aesthetic Clinic, founded in 1985, situated in Bangkok. The founder,  Dr. Ronachai Komthong comes trained and certified from the USA, UK, Thailand and Singapore. He has advanced his training in other countries, like Japan and has an international reputation, top of his field. 
Get your surgery done by an internationally-trained medical team, with the ability to perform just about any plastic and cosmetic surgery you can imagine. Certified doctors have carried out thousands of procedures annually, trust them with yours too.



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