Facelifts – Scars & Healing

Update 16/09/2018


Although cosmetic surgery in Thailand is among the best in the world, even our skilled surgeons have not yet reached the point where they can perform procedures like a facelift without leaving some form of scarring. As the procedure involves making an incision into the skin, scarring is inevitable. Thai surgeons are excellent when it comes to sewing up the incision and have the ability to ensure scars appear in places you don’t necessarily see. However, scars are still part of the natural healing process so bear this in mind when looking for cosmetic surgery.

The Healing Process
While the process of healing scars in is many ways an individual process and depends on the type of surgery, there are three stages in the process:
•    Inflammatory Stage: Starts immediately and lasts a few days. The bleeding ceases during this stage and white blood cells arrive on site to combat infection.
•    Proliferative Stage: This is the second stage and typically lasts 3-4 weeks. Cells capable of forming skin and other tissue come to the site of the wound and produce collagen for 2-4 weeks. This pulls the wound’s edges together and tiny blood vessels called capillaries are formed. By now, collagen production is matched by destruction and if this stage goes wrong, abnormal scars can form. The scars get thicker, redder and more noticeable.
•    Remodeling Stage: The final stage can last several years or a few weeks depending on circumstances. This changes the red scar to an almost unnoticeable white scar which eventually fades from your field of vision.

There are a lot of scar creams on the market but in most cases, it is best to leave the scar alone unless your surgeon specifically says otherwise. Always follow the instructions of your surgical team if you want your scar to heal properly. As long as you are sensible and choose a reputable Thai surgeon, scarring should be relatively minimal and will slowly fade over the course of time.

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