Endure Even Less Recovery Time With The New Vaser Liposuction Procedure In Thailand

Update 16/09/2018


Although the Far East has a level of charm that Western nations will never match causing tourists to visit en masse, the new vaser liposuction procedure in Thailand adds one more string to the bow of this region. This is desperately bad news for cosmetic surgeons in America and top European nations who are losing patients by the planeload. Liposuction in Thailand costs approximately one third of what you can expect to pay in the West with the same level of hygiene and quality of medical staff. Thai clinics can expect to see a dramatic increase in the 1.3 million foreign nationals who travel to the Far East nation each year for surgery.

An Exciting New Age

Perhaps it is as a result of a poor diet but citizens of Western nations are getting heavier which can cause health problems later on in life. Traditional liposuction in Thailand, while effective, still left patients with the same recovery time as they would experience in the West. The new vaser liposuction procedure in Thailand drastically reduces recovery time with sound waves used to combat fat cells. With less damage occurring to the patient’s tissue, it is only natural that there will be far less pain as well as minimal recovery time.

Approved By The West

Even cynics who wrongly doubt the ability of hospitals in this region must remain silent as their protestations have no merit. This is because the new vaser liposuction procedure in Thailand is approved by the American Federal Drugs Administration. There are a handful of centers that perform liposuction in Thailand who have access to this technology.

It is estimated that approximately 400,000 American patients underwent cosmetic surgery in Thailand last year with no ill effects recorded. In fact, the excellent safety record which surrounds liposuction in Thailand makes a mockery of stereotypical claims relating to poor health practices in the country. Surgeons in Thailand are world class and their skill ensures tourists recover quickly and are able to enjoy everything this beautiful nation has to offer.



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