Cosmetic surgery in Bangkok – Like a flight of stairs

Update 16/09/2018


Many people ask me how I keep my youthful looks and whenever I reply to them they look as stunned as I was when my friend first told me their little secret too.  You see they had been travelling to Thailand to have cosmetic surgery in Bangkok every six months and we did not even realise until one of my friends spotted them at the airport.  The question is though why would you travel so far to undertake something you can do in your own country?  Well, my friend was adamant she was making the better decision and seeing as I had never even thought of having cosmetic surgery in Bangkok I felt I was not in a position to argue.

So I started to research in to this.  I went to my local doctor and started enquiring about the cost of cosmetic surgery and I was dismayed to learn that my health plan did not cover it.  In all honesty, if it had, then I would have gone under the knife a long time ago.  Also, if it was covered then I am sure most medical companies would go out of business within six months due to the sheer volume of requests and it would also mean tougher competition for private surgeons as well. 

So going to south east Asia to have cosmetic surgery in Bangkok no less, well, it stunned me!  I have now decided to look in to this further as I feel I may be in need of a tune up and having a holiday at the same time as I recuperate is definitely not a bad thing either.  I just hope that I do not become addicted to this as I know many of my friends,  find the lure of the knife to be something of an addiction as they keep on trying to create their perfect self.  So it is like a never ending flight of stairs, just when you think you have reached the top you find out you are still only at the bottom.



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