Celebrating The Advances In Cosmetic Surgery

Update 16/09/2018


The changes that have taken place in cosmetic surgery in the last decade are nothing short of remarkable. You will probably be shocked to learn that the first instance of cosmetic surgery happened over 2,500 years ago as a Hindu surgeon used a piece of cheek to reconstruct a nose. Obviously, things are a little different now but plastic surgery is a world away from where it was just a generation ago.

From Banning to Beautiful
In 1992, the American FDA banned the use of silicone breast implants barring occasions when they were used in controlled trials for breast cancer reconstruction surgery. This was because silicone implants were linked with neurological disorders and connective tissue diseases.

There were various horror stories about medical tourism up until a decade ago when poorly researched reports suggested overseas hospitals caused cases of disfigurement to patients. While there were undoubtedly shady operators in those days and even today, things have changed for the better in a spectacular way.

What Does The Future Hold?
There are already new procedures in the pipeline such as New Look Now which involves taking pictures, submitting them online and receiving referrals and images of local surgeons. Perhaps one day having cosmetic surgery will be as easy as ordering a takeaway dinner! New minimally invasive facial rejuvenation techniques will reduce scarring and minimize recovery time.

It must be said that the present is pretty exciting too! Clinics such as the Naravee Aesthetic Center are constantly updating their equipment in order to keep up with the latest changes in the field of cosmetic surgery. Patients can expect smaller incisions, less bleeding, less pain and rapid recovery times along with better overall results.

Ultimately, cosmetic surgery has crossed into the mainstream and is no longer taboo. More people than ever before realize it is okay to get a little help to look their best and the cosmetic surgery industry is playing its part through new and spectacular innovations.  



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