Breast Augmentation Thailand – The bra’s the star

Update 16/09/2018


I read a fascinating article on a website the other day about how a woman had used fake implants to try and smuggle drugs in to a country only to be stopped at the airport for looking too glamorous and thus getting aggressive and that lead to her capture.  Many women undergo or wish to have breast augmentation Thailand but the reason for it is unclear.  If you look on TV in Thailand or Thai media Thai women are not known for large breasts and due to their relatively small size are not well suited to larger breasts either, despite what men may think or wish for in their wildest dreams.
I never understood though why women got their breasts so big it was the only way to get noticed. I mean ‘celebrities’ like Jordan or Kim Kardashian, do they not have anything more to offer except that?  After all they will not last and the thought of these women in their twilight years with a crooked back that makes Quasimodo look straight backed (due to their weight) is pitiful.  But that does not stop many western women (especially teenage girls) for seeing these women as role models.  So here is a word of advice, breast augmentation Thailand is fine but think about the implications later on in life if you increase your breasts too much as it can cause back and spinal issues which are uncomfortable and may even be life threatening.  Breast augmentation Thailand should be done in moderation and only with a trained professional so remember to stay safe.
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