7 Ways To Reduce Breast Augmentation Scarring

Update 16/09/2018


Although the results of breast augmentation in Thailand are normally fantastic for the patient, some form of scarring is inevitable. It could develop around the implant or the incision but fortunately, there are some steps you can take to reduce this scarring.
1.    Speak to your surgeon to find out if he has a standard procedure to minimise scarring and follow his post-operation recommendations to the letter.
2.    Use silicone bandages or sheeting as this can reduce the thickness of scars. You need to use these bandages daily to get the best results. You may also derive benefits from using gels or creams that contain silicone.

3.    Apply a cortisone cream to the surgical area as cortisone has the ability to soften scars and this causes the scars to shrink according to experts. However, you should wait until the wounds have healed properly before applying the cream.
4.    Be sure to purchase a large number of pressure bandages because they can help flatten scars over the course of a few months when used daily.
5.    Increase your level of vitamin E consumption; most people find it hard to add it to their diet so a supplement is fine. Vitamin E supplements can help to reduce scar tissue around the implant.
6.    In the event that scar tissue has already formed around the site of the incision, try skin resurfacing in order to improve your skin’s appearance. Laser therapy, microdermabrasion and dermabrasion can also help as they remove the uppermost layer of skin and promote new skin cell growth.
7.    If the scarring is severe, you may need to have surgery to remove it. This involves removing the implant and replacing it after the scar tissue has been removed.
Hopefully, the above tips can help reduce scarring though please note, the darker your skin tone the more likely it is that scarring will become noticeable.

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