3 Things You Must Know About Tummy Tucks In Thailand

Update 16/09/2018


Before you have a tummy tuck and decide on cosmetic surgery in Thailand, there are a few things you need to realise which we explore below.

There Is No Instant Result
Don’t expect to be in perfect shape soon after the procedure. While the long-term effects should be noticeable and impressive, there will be swelling in the short-term. Therefore, you shouldn’t have a tummy tuck in Thailand if you’re trying to get slim for your wedding in a couple of weeks time for example!
It could take up to eight weeks for the swelling to be completely gone. Only then can you show off your svelte physique to the world. On the plus side, you should see good results within four weeks.

You Need Bed Rest
Generally, surgeons recommend you spend the first 14 days after your surgery resting and relaxing. Fortunately, Thailand is one of the world’s best tourist destinations so you won’t be short of things to see and do. Immediately after the procedure you will feel dizzy and disoriented and may need help from the staff in the Thailand clinic when going to bathroom. You will be able to check out of the clinic after a few days however and the rest of the recovery time should be spent checking out what Thailand has to offer.

Scarring & Recovery
An elastic band needs to be worn on the abdominal area for up to 14 days after the tummy tuck procedure in Thailand to control the swelling. There is also likely to be an element of scarring though the expert surgeons in Thailand will keep it to a minimum. It’s likely the scar will be barely visible and possibly covered by a bikini.

Once you’ve had a tummy tuck in Thailand, enjoy the rest of your holiday but don’t overindulge! Do what you can to stay slim once the surgeons in Thailand have worked their magic.
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