I want to do nose surgery because I wasn’t confident with how I looked.

I did a lot of searching on Youtube, Facebook, and websites. Then, I found Naravee Clinic on Facebook. I like how the nose looks natural, not too high nor pointy. This is the shape I want.

I looked more into doctors’ profile. All of them have nice and trustworthy profile. They’ve had multiple cases of both nose augmentation and revision.

When I first decided to contact them, the staff was very helpful and informative. I decided to book my consultation with the clinic a few days later.

I found the clinic was really big and I like the atmosphere here. Also, the doctor was really friendly and caring. She told me directly what I can and cannot do. She gave me options to decide. The staff will also be there to help us in the room. Then, I booked my surgery 2 weeks later because I was not ready at the time.

On my surgery day, I can see the clinic is quite crowded. There were a lot of people coming for both consultation and follow-up. I think they must be popular with the customers. But I didn’t have to wait long before my surgery.

I did my nose under local anesthesia. I was conscious all the time but I didn’t feel pain. Doctor is still as friendly as ever. She’s talking to me even while doing surgery. It was so fast given I did both implant and hump reduction. It didn’t even took an hour. They booked me 2 weeks later for stitches removal and I went home.

After 2 weeks. No pain. No swelling. Natural looking. My friends told me I look a lot better. I am really happy with all this.

First Day and 5th Day


10th Day


14th Day


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