Hello, my name’s Lily. I do not like my typical Asian eyes. It doesn’t look good when I wear makeups. I want a more feminine look so I decided to ask my boyfriend who works at Naravee Clinic if he knows any good doctors for this.

He said there’s one oculoplastic surgeon who comes here once in a while. He said she accepts limited number of cases, but he will try to ask her for me. He gave me her name, Dr.Juntarut, so I can check her information. I think she’s both well-certified and has lots of experience because she’s been working in various big hospitals in Thailand.

Luckily, my boyfriend could arrange a consultation for me, so I decided to see her.

She said, for my case, double eyelid surgery will not be enough. My eye muscle is weak and it needs correction, just like many Asians or so she says. She even suggests doing surgery on inner canthus to make it looks like what I want. The cost is a bit high, but my boyfriend said it’s normal since she’s a specialist in her field. I decided to proceed with the surgery.

I don’t know how much but the surgery is very long. When I was in the operating room I know Dr.Jun’s very detailed because she explained things to me even during surgery. She was trying to avoid the vessels so there will be less bruising and the wound will heal faster.

I was surprised the next day after surgery. There was no bruises or pain at all! I was able to go to work normally. My friends even say the stitches-line looks more like some makeups.

Dr.Jun said that with what she did the results can be permanent so I don’t have to bother with eye surgery again. I’m happy that I get the look that I want. (My boyfriend also said I look more beautiful.) 🙂

I think I’m really lucky to be one of the few cases of Dr.Jun.

หลังทำยังไม่ตัดไหม (เนียนมั้ยล่ะ) :)
1-day after surgery, stitches are still there but it looks pretty much normal.


อันนี้หลังทำครบ 10 วัน แต่งหน้าได้แล้วน้าาา
10 days after surgery, I can wear makeups now.


ล่าสุด 2 เดือนค่า
2 Months after Surgery




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