Hi, I’m Golf. Today, I would like to share my experiences about double eyelid surgery. The special things for this review are the eye job by oculoplastic surgeon, the specialist surgeon.
Personally, I have a single eyelid and narrow eyes when I opened my eyes, it’s look like a straight line. Anyway, I’m ok with that, but other people usually told me that I feel like sleepy all the time, and it make me not confident. When I take the photos, I tried to open my eyes widely, but my forehead will have wrinkles. Then, I decided to do double eyelid surgery.

First, I have searched the information on the internet. Because I’m the PhD.MD. student, it’s easier to get the information in depth about double eyelid surgery. In general, double eyelid surgery was performed by suturing the eyelid to make a crease. Anyway, this technique cannot make permanent double eyelid. It’s just only 4-5 years, and then it will disappear. Therefore, I want to know that how I can do a permanent double eyelid. I’ve got the answer from my older sister, she works at Naravee clinic, well-known plastic surgery clinic in Thailand. She told me that her clinic has one of the most famous oculoplastic surgeon her name is Chantarat Winichakul. Doctor Chan told me that double eyelid surgery should be operated deeply into muscle layer of the eyelid to make it permanent.

I went to Naravee clinic to meet doctor Chan and decided to do an eye job in the same day. Because Naravee clinic has a good reputation over the last three decades and doctor Chan has many case reviews. Before the operation, I talked with doctor Chan about my desire. She marked the point with the pen at the eyelid as my request. Next, anesthetic was injected into the eyelids, and operation was begun. During the operation, I felt no pain at all. It felt like sleeping for a few hours. After the operation, I used the cold pack to relieve the pain and the swelling of the eyelid for 1 hr., and then I came back to home. The picture that shown below in the left-hand side was immediately taken after operation. You can see that my eyelid is not reddish or swelling too much compare to another eye job reviews. In the right-hand side picture was taken 7 days post operation, you can see that my eyes look better. So, I want to share this experience for another people who want to do the double eyelid surgery that oculoplastic surgeons have more understanding and experiences about the eye job than other MD.