My friends and cousins always tease me about my nose and big alar. I don’t like that so I decided to go for surgery.

My nose before surgery. I don’t have problem with that, but can’t say I liked it.

I came to this clinic with my friends who saw an ad on Facebook.
I met the doctor who gave me good advice. He said I didn’t need to do the tip, just the silicone implant and alar is enough. That’s exactly what I want, so I chose to do with him.

My nose after 2 weeks; still swelling.

My skin swells and bruises very easily, so it takes time for me to heal. I heard from my friend that it took only 1 week for her, but it stays like that for around 2 weeks for me. But after that it started to get in shape, and the result was good.

Now, it’s all nice! Yay!

They won’t be able to tease me now and I’m even more beautiful. 😉


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