I had a nose surgery with another clinic before coming here.

The result was bad. My nose was red and the silicone was too long and it looked like it will come out.
I was very worried and I tried to contact many clinics because I also don’t want to remove the silicone and do it again.

Before Revision: You can see the red spot on the tip TT

I found Naravee Clinic and the staff said it is possible to do what I want. They said it is possible with the skin graft from coccygeal area.

When she knows I went there, my friend also recommended this clinic because she had her nose done here before and it was beautiful.

I decided to do surgery there. I was feeling dizzy over the first 2 days but after that the result can be seen and my problem is solved. Now I learned to always choose the right clinic for surgery.

After surgery: Now all good and beautiful


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