I had asymmetrical eyelid. I tried using tapes to fix it but it’s only temporary and makes it harder for me to do makeups. So, I finally decided to have it fixed by surgery.

I came to Naravee Clinic after I found them on the internet. They said the surgery can be done immediately after consultation so I came in prepared.

I met the doctor on that day. She’s very likeable and gave good advice. I had the surgery on the same day.

For the first few days, the swelling gradually gets bigger, but the doctor already advised me to apply the cream she gave and it will subside. “Self-discipline is important for the aftercare”, that’s what she told me.

After 14 days, I went to follow up with the doctor again, by that time the swelling’s already gone and my eyes were good already. She mentioned to me that it will look even better after 2-3 months when it completely heals.

I like my eyes better than before. Especially because it’s easier for me to do makeups now. 🙂

Before Surgery
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After Surgery


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