I believe I am one person among many that has asymmetrical eyes. I know that normal eyes can be asymmetrical, but in my case I think it’s too visible, only my left eye has double layer.

My eyes before surgery, you can see both are not equal.
ก่อนทำ T.T

I searched the internet and found Naravee. This clinic has the recent Miss Universe Thailand as a presenter at that time. I looked more into the doctor’s profile and saw a long list of trainings he had attended. To me this is trustworthy enough, so I decided to make a booking.
I consulted with Dr.Ronachai and he asked me which shape I desire. He said it can be done and explained what will be the procedure.
I had my surgery the next day. The most painful moment was the anesthesia injection. After that, I didn’t feel anything.
I didn’t take any photos post-surgery because it seems a bit scary to me, but after the wounds healed it looks real good. Now, it’s past 7 months for me and I’m in love with my new eyes.
I’d say getting a good doctor is definitely the way to go for surgery.


2 Months after Surgery
2 เดือน


7 Months after Surgery
รูปปัจจุบันค่ะ 7 เดือน


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