Why Vaser Hi-Def 4D at Naravee Clinic?

Update 16/09/2018


Contrary to the popular belief that balanced diet and standardized exercise can get rid of all excess fat for every single person, the body of each individual is actually very varied. One key factor many are unaware of is genetics. If you are one of the people who couldn’t seem to reduce the sizes of certain body parts no matter how hard you exercise and how careful you are with your nutritions, thanks to your family, you may have inherited a genetic predisposition to fat accumulation in certain areas of the body. Fortunately, with today’s advanced cosmetic technology, liposuction is a medical procedure you can opt for to eliminate even the most stubborn fat.

In the earliest days of liposuction, the surgical process typically involves injecting a sterile solution through thin cannula tube into certain parts of the body and vacuuming the underlying fat out. However, this process carries a number of risks and side effects, including bleeding, infections, uneven fat removal, and damages to nerves, blood vessels, muscles, lungs, and abdominal organs.

Over the years, liposuction technology has continuously been crafted and developed to post minimum risk with extremely satisfactory results. And the latest technology is Vaser Hi-Def 4D Liposuction.

Unlike traditional liposuction which is usually all about removing excess deposits of fat. Vaser Hi-Def integrates the use of Vaser ultrasound technology to remove fat from one area of the body and, after purifying it, transfers the fat into another area that might be lacking such as breasts or buttocks.

Taking a step further to create the ultimate dream physique, Vaser Hi-Def 4D takes into account the placement and natural motion of the underlying muscles, as well as potential weight loss or gain in the future to ensure the highest quality of the result. Just like how sculptors meticulously chisel their work of art, surgeons who perform 4D Vaser Hi-Def liposuction also considers every little detail of your body for the sake of your ideal figure.

Nonetheless, same as any other surgeries, Vaser Hi-Def still carries some risks. Seroma, bleeding, and infection are the main complications found among patients. Though of much lower risk ratio, other issues include skin burns, deep vein thrombophlebitis, pulmonary embolism, fat emboli, cannula penetration of abdominal cavity, lidocaine toxicity, and surgical shock.

Due to these possible unexpectations, it can’t be emphasized enough how important it is to choose your surgeon, as well as medical facility, very thoroughly. Working with certified experienced doctors can greatly reduce the chance of critical side effects. They are also much more likely to be capable of granting you the body of your dream.

Naravee Aesthetic Centre is a premier cosmetic surgery clinic located in the heart of Bangkok, Thailand. The clinic is operated by Dr. Ronachai Komthong, M.D., who specializes in cosmetic surgeries and boasts an accumulated experience of over 30 years and has been trained and certified in numerous countries including Thailand, Singapore, the United States, and the United Kingdom. In addition to his stack of degrees and certificates, Dr. Ronachai has also written a number of medical papers which have been published to a wide array of audience.

Since he established Naravee in 1985, Dr. Ronachai has unintermittedly provided top quality services at his state-of-the-art facility. Today, he becomes one of the most sought-after surgeons both among local clients as well as medical tourists from around the world.



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