Why Thailand Is Number One For Liposuction

Update 16/09/2018


There are an immense number of reasons why Thailand is the number one place in the world for cosmetic surgery. For far too long, we have listened to agenda-driven media telling us that the Far East was a haven of drugs and prostitution with third world medical facilities. Imagine the shock when tourists who decided to have liposuction in Thailand came back home with reports about how clean the clinics were, how skilled the staff were and how inexpensive it was compared to the West. This led to a renewed effort in the West designed to discourage tourists from visiting Thailand. It has failed with more than 1.2 million tourists visiting the Far Eastern nation each year on medical holidays.

Comparable Skills
Thai surgeons gained their skills and qualifications from Western schools in general. Therefore, they have the same level of ability and poise yet cost less than one quarter the price. Once foreign tourists discovered this fact, the level of interest when it came to liposuction in Thailand skyrocketed. Indeed the popularity of cosmetic surgery means that tourists no longer ask ‘why Thailand?’ They ask ‘why not?’ instead.

Price Drop?
Cosmetic surgeons in Europe and America will have to drop their prices to compete because Western citizens are no longer brainwashed. They know that liposuction in Thailand is safe, effective and affordable. Thai clinics are judged against the same set of criteria as their American and European counterparts and pass with flying colors. The Thai government have greatly helped the cause of their medical centers by paying for the most advanced equipment money can buy. Western nations can no longer defend their exorbitant prices by claiming they use the best equipment.

The Thai population are thrilled to see such a horde of medical tourists because they know the revenue brought in will continue to improve their standard of living. Therefore, expect a warm welcome when you set foot on Thai soil. With facilities, surgeons and equipment on a par with Western nations at one quarter the cost, it is easy to see why Thailand is becoming the world’s favorite destination for cosmetic surgery.



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