Why Thailand Now Surpassed Singapore In The Cosmetic Surgery Stakes

Update 16/09/2018



Medical tourism has really taken off over the last few decades as people from the United States and various European nations finally came to realise that

(1) They are getting ripped off at home 

(2) Cosmetic surgery is not the sole preserve of the wealthy and

 (3) Thailand and similar nations have facilities and surgeons that are a match and in many cases superior to those in their home nation. While there are dozens of countries that offer low cost medical treatment, only a handful is trusted. Thailand is among the world's top medical tourist locations and Singapore also ranks high on the list. On the face of it, Singapore should be a major rival to Thailand in the cosmetic surgery stakes but it welcomes substantially less patients.

Why? Singapore has an English speaking population, is considered to be a pleasant place to stay, offers a range of cosmetic surgery options and is significantly cheaper than similar surgeries in the West. Yet Singapore has in the region of half a million medical tourists a year (most of whom don't come for cosmetic surgery), significantly less than Thailand. At one stage, Singapore was ranked #6 in health care terms and #1 in Asia. This was in 2000 when Thailand was ranked #47 but a lot has changed since that World Health Organisation report.

More than a decade on and Thailand is now the unofficial center of medical tourism while Singapore lags behind. Singapore has many fine hospitals but is less focused on cosmetic surgery and is more interested in cardiology. As a result, cosmetic surgery standards have dipped with a multitude of unfavourable reviews the consequence. In fact, an increasing number of our patients are in need of revisions after surgery elsewhere went awry. We are proud of our reputation as one of Bangkok's top clinics in what is one of the world's best countries to have cosmetic surgery. 
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