Why Plastic Surgery In Thailand Is Safe

Update 16/09/2018


You’ve probably heard all the ‘horror’ stories about botched nose jobs and other cosmetic procedures that go wrong. This gives people the wrong impression about plastic surgery in Thailand because if you read news reports closely, you’ll discover that virtually all of the cosmetic procedures that go wrong in Thailand are performed by ‘surgeons’ with no qualifications, no license and often little or no experience.

Medical Tourism Boom
If plastic surgery in Thailand was so hazardous, why does the nation welcome 2 million medical tourists a year? Why is the industry growing at a rate of 15% a year? Why do 15,000 Australians travel to Thailand for cosmetic procedures annually? Yes, they receive cheaper surgery but very few people will ever willingly take chances with their health for the sake of a few thousand dollars.
While there are regrettably still cases of suspect ‘back alley’ procedures performed by unlicensed individuals, this is in no way representative of what Thailand has to offer. After all, the nation’s medical tourism industry is worth over $4.3 billion a year; a figure set to top the $5 billion barrier within the next year or two.
It is reputable and responsible clinics such as Naravee that are the real face of plastic surgery in Thailand. Our staff includes English-speaking receptionists and world-class surgeons that are not only fully qualified and licensed, they have also worked overseas in locations like the US and UK to gain valuable experience. 
We are proud to be the real representative of plastic surgery in Thailand; efficient, effective, affordable and completely safe. The real truth is that the commercialization of cosmetic surgery is forcing clinics all over Thailand to raise their standards to the point where they usually outperform clinics in Western countries. 
Once you perform the right level of research and find a reputable location for your plastic surgery procedure in Thailand, you’ll soon find there is nothing to worry about so pack your bags and get ready for the warmest of welcomes in the Land of Smiles!



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