Why Cosmetic Surgery Is No Longer Taboo

Update 16/09/2018


According to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS), around 11 million people in the United States had some form of cosmetic surgery last year. You also have to take into account the huge numbers that come to clinics like the Naravee Aesthetic Center in Thailand as part of the growing medical tourism trend. The bottom line is that the days of having cosmetic surgery done ‘in secret’ are long gone.

Better Techniques

In the modern era, it is almost fashionable to have ‘work done’. One of the reasons for the increase in popularity is the fact that cosmetic procedures have improved exponentially in recent years. There are now fewer negative consequences and a much faster recovery time so it is possible for patients to look younger and better without having to worry about any negative consequences.

As a result, dermatologists, surgeons and cosmeticians are comfortable when it comes to offering cosmetic procedures are part of a patient’s health and beauty regime. Indeed, according to many providers, it appears as if it is a good idea to begin with subtle changes as this can help you avoid more extensive work later in the future. Whether or not this is complete true, it is certainly a compelling argument for those who wish to look younger and more vibrant.

It is also a fact that cosmetic surgery can provide patients with life-changing experiences. For example, patients with disfigurements from accidents or those with congenital defects can have these issues repaired relatively quickly. Best of all, with world class cosmetic surgeons working in Thailand; it is possible to have a procedure done for a price far below what you would pay in a Western country.

Ultimately, cosmetic surgery has not only been removed from ‘taboo’ status, it is now seen as an almost ‘normal’ part of health and beauty.

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