When NOT To Have Cosmetic Surgery

Update 16/09/2018


At the Naravee Aesthetic Clinic in Bangkok, our goal is to make the dreams of patients come true. However, we also have a responsibility to our clients which is why our medical team screens each patient before approving any cosmetic procedure. If you are healthy, have realistic expectations and are fully aware of the risks, you are likely to be a good candidate for cosmetic surgery in Thailand.

However, those with serious medical issues such as diabetes, depression, heart disease or high blood pressure may not be considered for any cosmetic procedure. Likewise, obese patients and those who smoke or drink an excessive amount of alcohol may also be refused in our clinic. When it comes to specific cosmetic procedures in Thailand, read the following list to discover if you are an ideal candidate.

•    Cheek Implant: If you have flat cheek bones or sagging of the cheeks, this procedure could help you. It is not a good choice if you have a lot of sagging skin because a facelift would be more effective.
•    Chin Implant: If you have a chin that is not balanced with your nose or a ‘weak’ chin, an implant can make a big difference. Patients with abnormal dental bites should look at jaw realignment instead.
•    Rhinoplasty: If your nose is large, crooked or has a bump, nasal surgery could change your life. Patients that play contact sports or have thick skin are better off not having this procedure. There is also a 20% chance that further surgery will be necessary.
•    Eyelid Surgery: Those with droopy eyelids, puffiness or bags around the eyes are good candidates but if you have crow’s feet, fine lines or dark circles around the eyes, it is not such a good idea. There is also a very small risk of blindness and a larger risk of visible scarring.

At the Naravee Aesthetic Clinic, we always look to do the best for our clients so if we believe that cosmetic surgery in Thailand is not your best choice, we will be honest enough to tell you.



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