When Can I Start Exercising After A Tummy Tuck In Thailand?

Update 16/09/2018


A tummy tuck is also known as a abdominoplasty and is a procedure that involves the removal of excess or loose skin which can be caused by poor elasticity of the skin, weight gain and pregnancy. After having a tummy tuck in Thailand, it is important to be sensible when it comes to the post-surgery period of recovery.

Why Exercise At All?
Exercising after a tummy tuck in Thailand can help maintain your weight loss while also ensuring continued heart health. The key is to taper your workload and not get back into exercise so fast that you cause further damage to yourself. You got a tummy tuck to look and feel better about yourself so make sure your amazing new appearance is maintained.

Light Exercise
For at least the first two weeks after having a tummy tuck in Thailand, you must rest and relax. Many experts suggest you should wait up to a month but there is certainly no reason not to enjoy walking at a low intensity. You can increase flexibility by light stretching but this should only happen once your sutures have been taken out. Don’t worry if you feel tightness in the abdominal region in the first few weeks after your procedure as this is normal.

Heavier Exercise
You should be out of your bandages 6-8 weeks after your tummy tuck and exercise should now feel more comfortable. Heavy lifting is still prohibited so this rules out intense resistance exercise and direct ab work should also be avoided by unless approved by your physician.

Finally, you should be able to gradually ease back into any former exercise routine once 8 weeks have passed since your tummy tuck in Thailand. If you enjoy weight training, be sure to get the all clear from your physician before resuming. Above all else, your diet must remain healthy and balanced if you want to retain your svelte new physique.

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