What You Need To Know About Mommy Makeover in Thailand

Update 16/09/2018


After giving birth to a child, some women find it hard to return to their pre-pregnancy bodies naturally, while for others it a matter of no concern. Sagging breasts, stretch marks, weight gain, sagging tummy, and loss of muscle tone are some of the unwelcomed physical body changes that result from pregnancy and/or aging. Having a child does not have to cost you your appearance anymore because now you can get a cheap Mommy Makeover in Thailand and get your pre-baby body back.

A number of renowned clinics and hospitals working under the supervision of highly qualified and trained cosmetic surgeons and medical staff now offer a combination of cosmetic procedures to patients who want their pre-baby figures restored or improved. Depending on your age, body type, weight fluctuation, the number of pregnancies, and off-course your expectations, a typical Mummy Makeover package in Thailand may include breast augmentation/lift/reduction, tummy tuck, liposuction of arms, legs, and trunk. For some patients only one of these procedures may yield the desired results, others may need to go through multiple procedures to refresh and renew their post-pregnancy body.

A lot of mothers drop the idea of getting a Mummy Makeover just because it involves multiple procedures and the costs are relatively higher. Here are some of the good reasons why a lot of mothers choose Bangkok, Thailand as their top choice for a Mommy Makeover surgery:

·         The cost of mommy makeover in many leading clinics and hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand is up to 60% lower than in many first world countries of the world like USA, UK, Canada, and Australia.

·         The quality of these cosmetic procedures performed in many clinics and hospitals in Bangkok, Thailand is no less than that you find in many highly medically advanced countries like USA, UK, and Australia.

·         The cosmetic surgery hospitals and clinics in Bangkok, Thailand are very well-managed and guarantee highest levels of hygiene and post-operative care.

·         The plastic surgeons working in these hospitals and clinics are board accredited and highly trained in their respective fields.  

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