What To Do When Have Bad Surgery?

Update 16/09/2018


It’s becoming something of an epidemic in the United States. A nation that was once proud to be plastic surgery central is suffering blow after blow with angry ex-patients taking clinics to court over botched plastic surgery. There are television shows dedicated to celebrity plastic surgery mishaps and this doesn’t begin the cover the damage caused to regular people. After paying thousands of dollars for surgery only to find that it was a disaster, what should you do?

The first step is to contact the surgeon who performed the surgery and arrange for an appointment. There is always the chance that the problems you are experiencing are part and parcel of the recovery process. Therefore, you can’t go looking for a lawyer just yet! If it turns out to be a serious problem, you may be offered additional surgery free of charge.

However, the surgeon may be unhelpful and in this instance, you should seek a second opinion from a certified surgeon. There is also the option of locating a corrective surgeon. In Thailand, there are surgeons in clinics like Naravee who repair the damage caused by botched operations in other countries. These corrective surgeons are masters at repairing the damage. You may need to wait several months after your initial surgery to have the corrective surgery as operating on the same area twice in quick succession could lead to complications.

In any event, you must take pictures of yourself after the surgery, outlining the areas which have been affected. You will need this photographic evidence when you contact the relevant medical health board. This evidence will help improve your chances of receiving financial compensation though this is often a poor substitute for the harm caused by the poorly performed surgery. One way to alleviate this problem is by having your plastic surgery in Thailand by Naravee plastic surgery Thailand where the surgeons are world class, have amazing equipment and exceptional staff. Botched plastic surgery is pretty rare in general but it’s virtually non-existent in Thailand.



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