Transgender People Can Be Their True Selves After Surgery

Update 16/09/2018


When it comes to sex change surgery, there is nowhere in the world that produces better results than Thailand. Modern society assumes that there are very few transgender people in the world but an estimated 2-5% of the world’s population experience some form of gender dysphoria. However, only 1 in 12,000 people have male-to-female surgery while 1 in 34,000 have female-to-male operations.

We welcome patients from all over the world here at the Naravee Aesthetic Clinic because we realise how difficult it is to make that final step. Discrimination is rife and nowhere is this more apparent than in the ‘land of the free’ United States where over 55% of the population is not protected from discrimination by law. Over 80% of transgender people suffer verbal abuse, over 30% report physical abuse while over half suffered from employment discrimination.

Although we cannot change the way society thinks about things, we can complete your transformation whether you wish to go from male-to-female or female-to-male. Our team of expert surgeons specialise in sex change operations which can completely and permanently alter your appearance. Regardless of whether your goal is to look like a real man or woman, we have the tools and experience to cause a transformation that will bring tears of joy.

For many of our patients, this surgery is the final piece of the puzzle and enables them to experience real joy for the first time. We have received letters and emails of gratitude from former patients who thanked us for allowing them to see the person they truly are when they look in the mirror. Our surgeons don’t just allow you to look like the sex of your choice, they also have the ability to create an erotic sensation and preserve orgasms during intercourse. With sex change surgery at the Naravee Aesthetic Center, you can be the person you always knew you were and live life with a freedom that was previously missing.

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