Taking Care Of Your Breast Implants

Update 16/09/2018


While the surgeons at the Naravee Aesthetic Center in Thailand can give you the chest you desire with breast implants, it is your responsibility to take care of them once you get home. Failure to do so can lead to serious issues down the line so read on for 3 crucial things you need to know about breast implant care.
1 – Invest in Quality Bras
The shape of your breasts can be impacted by the extra weight of the implants so you need to splash out on bras that really give you support. Premium quality brands such as Playtex have created bras that offer fantastic support and can be worn almost all day. If you engage in sporting activities, buy a good sports bra and don’t worry if it feels too tight at first because soon, you will grow to love the extra security it provides.

2 – Massage Them Daily
According to top cosmetic surgeons, you should massage your breast implants for as long as you want to keep them! By massaging your implants daily in the shower for example, you can ensure they remain up and towards the centre of your chest. This allows them to move naturally like breast tissue.
3 – Be Prepared for the Dentist
During a dental procedure, tiny amounts of bacteria enter your bloodstream for a brief time and there is a small possibility they could end up where they are not wanted. If these bacteria end up in the capsule around your implants, you may develop a subclinical infection. To avoid this, take a dose of oral antibiotics around 60-120 minutes before seeing the dentist and take two doses immediately afterwards.
The above are fairly easy to remember tips on keeping your breast implants in perfect working order; follow this advice and your implants should last for a very long time. 
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