Surgeons Want The Breast Results More Than Their Patients

Update 16/09/2018


A recent article states that women who have breast reduction theory rate their experience of the process as 'good’ to 'very good'. The men in the lives of these women however may not be of the same opinion but needless to say the study in the August issue of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery(R), states that plastic surgeons are actually more critical of the work they do when dealing with breast reductions. Patients are more concerned about symmetry when it comes to the end result whereas surgeons are more concerned about the technical aspects. 

When you think about it this really does make a lot of sense, the women care they still look good and the surgeons care that the quality of their work is the reason for this. So it goes without saying really, hand and glove. Another two important factors on the end result, according to the article, comes from the amount and depth of information provided before the operation as well as the confidence of the person who will be having the surgery. 

Women who are more confident and more informed tend to be best pleased with the end result whereas women who may be lacking in confidence tend to be more critical of the end result. Women rated their cosmetic results more highly than surgeons and private surgeons are more critical of their work than public ones tend to be also.

A lot of results of this survey, you would, think, would be common sense but it is good to see that the surgeons, the bringers of botox, take a pride in both their work and their patients. In today’s world this is getting rarer and rarer to find and shows that there still is a certain level of professionalism amongst surgeons which ensures quality and the best results every time and the results of this recent survey are a testament to this.


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