Why is Couples’ Liposuction in Thailand on the Rise?

Update 16/09/2018


At the Naravee Aesthetic Clinic in Bangkok, we are used to seeing various trends developing whether it is liposuction in Thailand, facelifts, extra large implants or Botox. Therefore, we are not too surprised to see another trend emerging: couples cosmetic surgery. According to leading surgeons around the globe, there is a notable spike in the number of couples partaking in cosmetic procedures as a shared activity. While it is a little more intense than a romantic dinner, those who have done it claim it is a wonderful bonding experience.

Dosh & Pecs
This is the nickname given to the phenomenon in the UK where research showed that almost 25% of those who underwent a cosmetic procedure admitted that their partner had followed suit. It is believed wealthier couples in particular are looking to emulate the likes of David and Victoria Beckham hence the nickname. Surgeons are getting ready for an increase in couples liposuction in Thailand and it appears as if the phenomenon is already here since liposuction is the most popular couples’ cosmetic procedure.

Vanity or Necessity?
The popularity of liposuction in Thailand is easy to explain. First of all, the procedure is far cheaper in Thailand than almost anywhere else in the world and internationally recognised surgeons perform the procedures. Unfortunately, the rapid rise of obesity around the world and especially in western nations means that weight loss is essential and looking good also happens to be a top priority.

Back in the United States, a survey showed that men were becoming more accustomed to the idea of having a cosmetic surgery procedure. When they see their wives return after a successful procedure such as liposuction in Thailand, they are more confident about doing it themselves. At present, only 10% of cosmetic procedures are carried out on men but this figure is rising rapidly. Men are often conscious of having wives more attractive than themselves and don’t want to ‘let themselves go’. Liposuction in particular is a quick and easy way to get their old slim body back.

Social Matching
This is a theory espoused by psychologists which may also explain the increasing desire for couples’ liposuction in Thailand along with other surgical procedures. ‘Social Matching’ means that people wish to be with those who have a similar level of attractiveness. The theory suggests that individuals seek out others with characteristics similar to their own and couples cosmetic surgery may be a more extreme example of social matching at work. Another theory is that glossy magazines featuring pictures of attractive celebrity couples gives people the idea that good things happen to beautiful people.

While the latter theory could be dismissed, there is no doubt that couples liposuction in Thailand and similar cosmetic surgery procedures can bring people closer together. Certainly, it is a decision that can be made by responsible adults and the risk is minimal given the high quality of the equipment and surgeons in Thai. On top of everything else, you get to enjoy an amazing holiday in a wonderful location which is every couple’s dream



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