Some Common Myths about Nose Surgery Thailand

Update 16/09/2018


Each year hundreds and thousands of patients (both male and female) undergo cosmetic Rhinoplasty or functional Rhinoplasty surgery in order to improve the appearance and/or functioning of their nose. It is considered as one of the most common cosmetic procedures performed in the world, yet a number of misconceptions exist about it that discourage many deserving candidates to step up and visit a nose surgery Thailand clinic. 
Let us have a look at some of the most common myths about Rhinoplasty and debunk them to help interested patients separate fact from fiction. 

Most of the patients who are interested in Rhinoplasty drop the idea just because they are skeptical of the results. A lot of people think that their nose will look fake and may not function normally; this is probably the most common myth that surrounds Rhinoplasty. 
In reality, after a successful nose surgery Thailand procedure, you will have a properly functioning nose that will look as though you were born with it. 
For many people considering the Rhinoplasty Surgery, scars are a symbol of fear. Since Rhinoplasty surgery is performed on the nose which enjoys a center position on the face, the fear of getting scars on the face is what makes many people drop the idea of getting a nose job. 
Although scars are part of every surgical procedure whether big or small, and Rhinoplasty is no exception, but if performed by a highly skilled and experienced plastic surgeon, using modern equipment and techniques, you will end up having non-existent or barely noticeable scars. 
The third most common misconception about Rhinoplasty is that the results are very short lived, and many patients have to go for a tune-up after a certain period of time. 
In reality, it is not the case, the majority of nose surgery Thailand procedures can last a lifetime. The majority of the patients who come for a "tune-up" are those who are not satisfied with the results, the percentage of patients who experience any post-operative complications are very insignificant. 
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