Signs Of Poor Plastic Surgery

Update 16/09/2018


Good plastic surgery can make you look 10 or more years younger. Unskilled surgeons on the other hand, can make a patient look like something out of a Hammer Horror film. Look through any number of Hollywood gossip sites and you’ll see almost daily pictures of botched surgery. What do all these people have in common? Not one of them had their surgery in Thailand. Instead, they used ‘tried and trusted’ Western surgeons who made mistakes under pressure.

One of the most common symptoms of poor surgery is a scar behind the ear after a facelift. It’s extremely common among the American social elite. So much so that it’s called the Country Club ear scar. At Naravee, the surgeons perform the procedure in the right way. This involves repair of the muscle tissue with a tiny incision made under the chin. 
At Naravee, nose jobs are a work of art as the surgeons skillfully remove bumps as well as reshaping the nose if necessary. Poorly skilled surgeons will perform a surgery that ends up creating weird angles in the nose that simply doesn’t look natural. At Naravee, nose augmentation is so well performed that strangers will not be able to tell that you had surgery. Obviously, family and friends will know because your nose will look the best it’s ever been.

Another sign of a poor facelift is when surgeons cut corners by stitching skin towards the ears. Surgeons at Naravee plastic surgery in Thailand perform facelifts the proper way. They use their skill and produce a vertical orientation lift for a natural look that results in the whole face looking radiant and youthful. Poor surgeons end up pulling the skin horizontally which makes the patient look older and bedraggled. 
If you’re looking for great plastic surgery Thailand, choose Naravee where the surgeons are trained overseas and are meticulous in everything they do. At Naravee plastic surgery Thailand, we don’t cut corners, we give 100%.



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