Saving Money To Save Your Skin

Update 16/09/2018


Medical tourism is now becoming a big business and it is no surprise that many people, usually from countries with medical insurance that has to be paid for, and/or paid for at an exorbitant price, are travelling to countries where the same procedures cost less money in order to make themselves look better.
But we have all seen the movies where it goes wrong and the patient looks like something even Frankenstein would not look twice at so the question here is has technology and time changed for the better? An example of the cost savings can be seen on open-heart surgery.

This is certainly something you cannot be waiting around for to happen when the time comes and in the US it would cost $324,000 whereas the same procedure in India would cost only a mere $8000 in comparison. That is quite a difference, even with the air fare included. Another example is dental work, in the US again extensive dental work can bring you a toothace as painful as $8000 but again India gives you a nice dose of Novocain and gives you the same procedure for $1000 also.
There is also less legal hassle when it comes to medical procedures undertook overseas. Paperwork, red tape and administrative tasks can make even the most simplest of procedures seem like nuclear thermodynamics so it makes sense that people are getting away from all that to places where there are less regulations. This means that they spend less time fighting the system and more time getting the medical treatment that they need or want.
So think twice next time before you plan your next medical procedure as doing a little research can save time and dividends in the long run. There is no price you can put on your own health and the information above shows that it can cost as little as a plane ticket.
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