Reducing the Risk of Excess Bleeding

Update 16/09/2018


Excessive bleeding is one possible side effect of cosmetic surgery. However, if you have a procedure performed at Naravee Aesthetic Clinic, there are steps you can take before and after the surgery to help reduce the risk of excessive bleeding.

There are things you can do before the surgery to reduce the risk of excess bleeding. For starters, cut back on your alcohol intake (or don’t drink any at all), as it can thin your blood and lead to increased bleeding. Cigarettes are also known to thin your blood, so try either stopping smoking altogether in the days leading up to the procedure, or at least cut back on the amount of times per day you smoke. Another known blood thinner is caffeine, so try to avoid drinking coffee or any other drinks with caffeine in them. Some prescription and over the counter medicines can also thin your blood, so make sure during the consultation with the surgeon that you let them know what medicines you are taking so they can tell you if you need to stop taking any prior to the surgery. Certain foods can also thin your blood and should be avoided, such as ginger, garlic, foods with omega 3 fatty acids, and whole grains.

After the surgery, there are also things you can do to reduce the risk of excessive bleeding. For starters, don’t put any strain on your body near the area where the cosmetic surgery was performed. This could cause the lesions in those areas to open and begin bleeding. Heavy exercise should also be avoided for a few weeks after the procedure, as that can put strain on your body and cause bleeding in the area where the surgery was performed. Try keeping the area where the surgery was performed elevated, as well. For example, if you had facelift surgery, you would want to sleep with extra pillows to help keep your head elevated. Foods rich in Vitamin K are good to eat, as these can help thicken your blood and increase coagulation. Some of these foods include spinach, kale, broccoli, Brussel sprouts, and parsley.



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