Recovery From Cosmetic Surgery

Update 16/09/2018


Like with any other surgery, there will be recovery time needed after having cosmetic surgery done. Different procedures generally have different recovery times, but there are some general things you can do to help the process along. In some cases, it may even be possible to help speed up your recovery time.

As mentioned, depending on the procedure you have, the typical time you may have to take off for your recovery can differ. For example, cosmetic surgery involving the breasts – Augmentation, lift, or reduction – Usually has a recovery time of around a week. More complex procedures like a tummy tuck or a body lift may require you to take around a month off. The usual recovery for a facelift is around two weeks, while recovery from liposuction is typically around a week. Keep in mind that everyone is different, so it may take a longer or shorter amount of time for you, but these are the usual recovery times.

There are a few things you should generally avoid in order to prevent complications during your recovery or to prevent your recovery from taking longer. For example, aspirin or anti-inflammatory medications can cause enhanced bleeding, so you should avoid taking those. You should also avoid any strenuous physical activities, as these may cause your stitches to rip and cause bleeding. This will substantially increase your recovery time. Also, try to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, as your skin will likely be very sensitive after having cosmetic surgery.

In terms of speeding up your recovery, ice packs are a big help. Putting an ice pack on areas where swelling is occurring can help to reduce the swelling, which will help speed up your recovery. You have to use the ice pack often, however. Keeping the pack on the swelling for ten minutes each hour during the day may be necessary. If you had a facial procedure done, sleeping with two or three pillows may help prevent swelling (or further swelling if it is already occurring). Eating fruits, vegetables, foods with lots of fiber, and fish (or fish oil supplements) can also help reduce swelling.

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